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    Post by Ellis on Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:58 pm

    Hello to everyone whos in the guild already or anyone considering joining the guild, ill start by giving some brief info then slamming down the rules.

    We Love Scooby Snacks:
    We are a very friendly, chatty, and casual guild. If you need help we will help and we dont care what your level is, we are trying to run guild heroics as often as possible and with the addition of more high level players we will be progressing into a casual raiding guild. The most focus on the guild is to just chill out play a game and talk to some decent interesting people (if there are any decent/interesting people reading this please get in contact we need you)

    Guild Ranking System:
    01-30 Velma
    31-60 Fred
    61-80 Daphne

    (Awesome People) Scrappy
    (Raid Officer) Shaggy
    (Officers) Scooby-Doo
    (Guild Owners) Snack Masters

    Guild Rules
    Be polite and friendly:
    If you come into the guild and your not a nice person you wont be staying long, thats probably one of the biggest rules to the guild.

    Guild Bank
    If we are doing guild runs it will generally be expected for any shards collected to go into the guild bank. In turn, anyone who needs shards for enchants can request them from any officer.

    Flasks are to be used only for guild raids.

    Online Activity:
    Like it says at the very top we are a casual guild, but even though we are casual it is hard having people in the guild who havnt been on for two months and we have no idea who you are, its hard to be chatty to people we don't know. If you have been inactive for a month or longer we will drop your rank to "Dog House" then after two months if there is still no activity we will talk about it as a guild. After talking about it you may or may not be left in the guild for a further period of time.

    Its Just A Game:
    Remember guys, its only a game. Lets just play and chat some shit.

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