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    Donations for Ventrilo Empty Donations for Ventrilo

    Post by Gav on Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:22 am

    I will start by saying that the ventrilo server will always stay up. It doesn't cost that much that we will let it go down because we can't afford to pay it. Ventrilo will always be maintained in this guild because we believe its a key part of a social guild.

    That said, our Ventrilo host does have a donation facility, if anyone would like to make a donation toward the running cost of Ventrilo here is the link to do so via PayPal:

    PayPal Donation Link

    There is also a similar link to donate by Credit Card, if anyone would like this link, please Contact either myself or Ellis

    This isn't compulsory and there is no expectation from us, at all. It's just available if you would like to donate.

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