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    Bank Rules (Guild) Empty Bank Rules (Guild)

    Post by Gav on Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:07 am

    As you all know we pride ourselves on being a casual guild, however we have a better guild bank than most raiding guilds I've been in, this is all down to you guys donating your stuff into it. I thought it was about time we had a rule set up so that everyone knows whats what in terms of rules for the guild bank.

    1) Only officers have withdraw rights on 5/6 tabs.
    2) If you deposit something into the guild bank it becomes the guilds property.
    3) If you need something - ASK! I've seen a lot of people go buy something from the AH thats already in the guild bank, we won't bite or snap your head off if you need something from the bank, just ask for it, if its being kept for something you will be politely refused, but you need to ASK!
    4) If you would like to take a loan from the guild bank please also ask an officer, we will ask what it's for etc, but unless it's an extreme amount there won't be a problem.
    5) NO FLY TIPPING - and by this I mean don't dump your junk in the bank to get it out of your bags, ie. no grey items etc.
    6) Try to restrict it to items that someone would actually use - I've seen a couple of elemental fires in the gbank, no one raids Ragnaros anymore so we really don't need em Wink
    7) Please try to stick to the designated tab when depositing items. If you aren't sure which tab it should go in ask an officer. However - DO NOT - place a valuable item in the guild wide tab.

    Lastly, not a rule, more of a request. If you can afford to donate some gold into the guild bank, please do so, even if its just a couple of gold.

    Thanks for reading and remember - ASK if you need something.

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